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Hello, my name is Bramuda Soaloon Doloksaribu. I was Born and growth in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was 25 years old right now, my etnic is Batak Toba, ones of an etnic in North sumatera, Indonesia.

I would like to describe myself::
nice, warm and so hospitality, humble, and also like to helping my parents, and also i have a nice attitude hehehehe and the most important things is, Bram doesn’t like to under estimate girls and hurting their hearts, and i’m also a romantic guy.
o yeah i’ve forgott to add somethings about me:.
i’m friendly, loyal, responsible, tolerate with someone mistakes, but somestimes i doesn’t have patience mood,and also i’m a struggle guy ( because i don’t like being a weak mentaly ), good listener, care to friends, like to help everybody were they are needing help ( that if i can help them ), moody and a little bit sensitives sometimes hehehe…
one thing again…i don’t like to be kidding!! always serioussly!! if u don’t trust me,please look at both of my eyes..LOOKIN’ IT DEEPER!!!! are u seeing my eyes??? 🙂

I’m so glad that you want to stop by and seeing my blog, i hope my blog will have contributing an education for you.

see ya..


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